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அம்மா கவிதை ஆங்கிலத்தில் மொழியாக்கம்

This world is just so tiny 
When compared to
The grandeur of your immense love

Even before my tongue could move
You taught me a language  -
The language of this universe
LOVE - that needs no words

When I first peeped into this world
Cuddled in the warmth of your arms
In a blissful comfort
The whole world seemed
So sweet and serene
With a lot of  promising love

Oh my beloved Amma....
You are my Niagara of love
Drenching my soul deeply
With the never ending shower of
Your hugs and kisses

Oh my most beautiful Amma....
I feel I would have expressed less
When I  said
You are my dark, rain bearing cloud
Ready always for
A heavy downpour of your love
Over me and only me

Oh my selfless Amma...
You have been a candle
All your life
Burning yourself - Sacrificing
Only to bring light to my eyes

Isn't it true?
The first home I ever lived
Is your precious womb

Isn't it true?
The first food I ever consumed
Is the sacred milk
From your body and blood

Isn't it true?
The first lullaby I ever heard
Is the &…